Just Write Reboot

Hey Shredder friends,

After a much-needed break, Just Write is getting ready to have a relaunch. Anyone who wishes to submit pages for the Manuscript Shredder for a free critique here are the requirements:

Send a brief description (i.e. back cover blurb/pitch including genre and age category) and your edited first chapter or first ten pages, whichever comes first to M.L. Keller (AKA me)

  1. Please don’t send me your NaNo word sprints without editing them first.
  2. No Erotica. I don’t read it; I’m not qualified to critique it.
  3. This is a shredding. I will pick your MS apart, so don’t submit if you’re looking for a pat on the head. A pat on the head won’t make you a better writer.

What do you get?

A detailed critique on plot, pacing, characterization, etc, (I don’t correct grammar or punctuation since I’m not an expert in that field and it makes for a dull blog post.) and suggestions on strategies to improve.

Why submit to me? 

Many victims, er… volunteers have gone on to be chosen for Amazon Selects, Pitch Slam, and other contests. Plus, did I mention it’s a free critique!

What do I get? 

Fodder for my blog, of course! But don’t worry, all victims identities are kept secret and any identifying elements from your manuscript will be altered.

Happy with your pages? I also critique queries and Twitter pitches.


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