Review Guidelines

Authors interested in having me review their books please email me a brief description of the story including genre, word count and age category (similar to a query). Also let me know if the book is self, indie, or traditionally published. This will not influence my decision, but many book publishers have specific procedures for ARC reviews. If I am interested I will email you with further instructions.

I read most genres and age levels. As for content, if you have to ask the answer is probably ‘no.’ Do not send me graphic depictions of violence: physical, psychological, or sexual, against children/young teens/mentally disabled, BDSM, bestiality, or anything that promotes racism, sexism, or homophobia.

I do not accept compensation for reviews either monetary or otherwise (except an electronic copy of the work being reviewed). Nor do I participate in review “exchanges.”

These rules are in place to keep promote honesty in literary reviews. We all want to sell books, but resorting to dishonest tactics will not help your sales, and it harms the industry as a whole.

2 thoughts on “Review Guidelines

    1. I am currently accepting new book for reviews. You can send your proposal to michelekellerauthor(at)gmail(dot)com or click the “email me” link in the guidelines above.
      (Please note Michele is spelled with one l. I’m not picky, but the email server is.)


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